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Hitachi troubles

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I just bought a 1980 720. Needs a lot of work. The guy that sold it to me told me the Hitachi carb had been rebuilt. It looked pretty clean, but it still ran terrible and I suspected the carb anyway through the process of elimination. I also don't think its the exact original carb because there's an unconnected wire (the choke works fine though,) and a vacuum line with that's capped off. I ended up paying a mechanic to rebuild it again (he said it needed it.), but I still can't get it through Cali's strict SMOG test. The tester blamed a number of issues, but mainly the carb. I told him it was rebuilt twice and he said "well, it needs to be rebuilt again."

If I were to go the Weber Progressive route, would I be able to get it through SMOG? Would I be able to connect all the vacuum lines? Anybody have any first hand experience with this? Or are there any other suggestions? I've got about 25 days left to figure this out.

thanks a lot,


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