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need help with steering wheel adapter.

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so it turns out I did have the 4590 box but it had a 3596 hub in the kit. Called grant and got a little more info on the hub.


4590 = hub #10121(small datsun shaft)

3596 = hub #sw910(lg datsun shaft)


Hope this helps for anyone else in the future.

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Hey Guys.. i am a newbie at Ratsuns.. nice to be here...


can i get a little help? i have a Datsun 1200 ute 1981 make, which wheel instalation kit should i look for? 4590? 3596? or 3592?


as far as i know 4590 would work for 1200 but until 1973 model, but i really do not know!! thanks for the help!!

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I have two grants and called them yesterday. There is a number embossed on the hub itself, mine was like 10020. Grant guy said it was the right casting for the  1200(4590).

Not sure if someone  there is full of shiot. because I got a 210 wheel from ggzilla and it bolted right up as did the stock 1200 wheel I pulled off. I think the hubs must be bad some how. Maybe right outer mold with the wrong spline mold.? grant has denied them being wrong and said that Datsun must have used different columns for a run.

I believe Evan had a problem with his hub not working as well. Evoryone should call Grant and post a fit issue complaint may help us out in the future. In the meantime I am enjoying my new GX wheel, Thanks zilla.

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In past years no one has complained about 4590 not working. Now there is a slew of complaints. That's all I know about it.


And all 1200s from 1970 to 1994 use the same steering column splines. I have seen it myself. They used two different columns (collapsible or deathstick), both with the same splines.

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I sent both of mine back, One to Jegs the other to Summit. I spoke with customer service at Grant and he asked me to measure the spline diameter as well as take a spline count. I have yet to do this so if anyone has there wheel off maybe you could throw a caliper on there take a spline count and post your finds.

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