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WTB: L16/L18/L20b Stl area

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Looking for an L16 or L18 (ill grab an L20b if that is all i can find) in the Saint Louis area.... i know these wtb engine threads never seem to work, but gotta give it a try.... Dont mind if it needs a rebuld, just no siezed motors (allready dealing with a siezed l20b at the moment)



Will consider to ship, if motor & shipping price is right



lol hell i might even take a ka or ca in a pinch... but looking for the L series for the cheapness

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I have a L18 not running but fairly complete(no distributer or carb) I would say it needs a rebuild. $150 and you pick up. I'm in vancouver so not too far.


He's in St. Louis... Not Seattle. You got the STLs confused.

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