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work on pistons/bores while motor in car?


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Removing a motor from a car is a mission, especially as I work alone. I also like the idea of not having to re-fit everything as you must if you remove the motor. Do others often re-ring, hone etc with the motor in the car? How do you keep the honing grit from getting into the main bearings?

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Reringing an engine is sometimes done with the engine in the car. You drop the oil pan, pull the pistons and connecting rods out the top, and then the crankshaft is there. Once you get down to that point, the engine block is pretty easy to remove.

You have pretty much summed up the advantages and disadvantages of reringing an engine in and out of a car.

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Unfortunately, it's the same L18. It's done about 50K miles since the re-build, and the compression is now: 173 169 152 177. Weak for a high compression motor, and no. 3 cylinder is a problem. It's worked hard - pulling a heavy trailer over the mountains twice a month. But still disappointing. I suppose I made some beginner's mistakes when I put the rings on the pistons or something. All 4 cylinders were 203psi straight after I finished the re-build...

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I will check the valves when I take the head off. But I would be surprised if they're damaged - they are AE stainless steel valves. Also, I added oil to no.3 cylinder and did another compression test on it - 184 psi. So I think the rings are the problem

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