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The lovely smell of gas fumes!


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Whats up everyone! I just got my 240z on the road from doing suspension mods and I have it running really good now! I know my car is a 40 year old Datsun but is there any reason why my car smells like gas a lot? I'm just trying to trouble shoot it. I don't think I have an exhaust leak, but I think it's the fumes are coming from the exhaust because it smells when I'm warming it up and seeps i into the interior of the car. I was wondering If theres any way I can reduce the stench? It doesn't really bother me, but I'm tried of my girlfriend complaining about it!! :baby:

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There are only two possibilities:

1. Fuel leak. Even a drop will make a smell

2. Exhaust leak


For the exhaust, it could be the air pump/air injection, a leak in the header or crack in the manifold, exhaust pipe not sealing well


OR, a missing rubber plug on the firewall or floor, so a backdraft is pulling the exhaust from the back of the car into the passenger compartment.

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Don't forget to check [what in my opion] may be the culprit. The intake foam air filter on the carbon cannister. The cannister may never really go bad, but the foam intake filter will clog up with the usual underhood crap and impede proper operation of the carbon cannister.

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I don't think the carbon canister was used for a few more years.


PCV system is a good one. See if the hose from the valve cover has come off or the larger block vent hose under the intake/exhaust manifolds that goes to the PCV valve. On early systems there was a tank vent hose that also connected to the PCV system.


Check the Door and window seals.

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