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Broke down today!

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First time my '86 720 broke down on me today.


So me and my dad were on our way home from a customers house (run a mechanic business) and we came up to a stop sign and it just died. It didn't start back up till we gased it and after that it wouldn't idle. It ran like it normally did before but it just died this time.He power braked at every stop till we got to a parking lot and checked to see what was wrong. First we checked the anti-backfire valve and that wasn't it. Well thinking with my whole exhaust failing we thought the cat was clogged up. Don't know why my dad would think that but he took the O2 sensor out for an opening. Well that wasn't it. But he did get it to idle but he adjusted the carb to chug my gas but we both knew that wasn't right. So he saw it flooding in the carb even after the truck was off so he looked at the glass to see if the float was correct and IT WAS NOT! So he took it apart and bent the adjustment on it. Put it back together and purred like a kitten. Usually it takes trial and error but we drove it home as a test drive and the float was right on the money. Now it starts right up and doesn't bog out when I decelerate. Run's SOO much smoother. Kinda glad this happened. Well that's how my 1986 Nissan 720 z24 stupid electric carb broke down. lol

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