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The stuff I dont need anymore sale.

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So heres the deal. I've decided that I need bigger carbs for my truck. But before I pull the trigger , I need to pad the paypal a bit so I can get the ones I want. All prices are OBO. Some things I really dont need and will let you beat me up on. Others not so much.


One pair of 44phh Mikuni's. I have owned these for 15 years, and have never used them. They were not used much before that. They are a bit dirty, and would need to be cleaned up before using. They come with a set of soft mounts that need orings, and a set of 41mm chokes. Two chokes are zinc plated, two are not.


$500.00 for carbs and parts.
















Old school Mallory dual point. I bought this new in the early eighties, and used it till it needed tune up parts. $50.00



More later

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200sx wheels. One dork in one wheel, otherwise pretty nice need to be cleaned up. $175.00 with caps.







1st gen 200sx throttle cable and hood pull cable. I tookthee from a car i bought that was rolled with only 32k on the clock. Very clean. Might fit other models, not sure $20.00 for the pair.



521 marker lights. three amber, one red. The red one has some scratches on the lens, ambers are clean.One amber is missing screws. $8.00 amber, $6.00 red ea.




521 wiper motors $25.00 each.




521 wiper arms. surface rust on springs, otherwise good shape. $9.00ea




521 hood pulls. still usable but they look thier age. Need cleaning up. $10..ea




Complete 521 driveshaft assy. non greasable type. joints feel smooth, but they are used $50.00.




280xt turbo exhaust parts, rusty but solid. $40.00







Non Datsun but its worth a shot. Wieand intake and Holley alum valve covers for a SBC Filthy, but in good shape $60.00 for all


225mm flywheel the heavy one $10.00.



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Dayum, just when I got rid of my manifold carbs come up cheap :(


I cant believe they have been up for grabs for a week with no takers till now. Usually they go quick. I was blaming the title of my post, but dont know how to change it.Sale is pending


Red marker is sold. Thanks Lovedatsun.


Price drop on the wheels. $125.00 local pickup or meet. They are 15's

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