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Socal 510 Post Swap sale!

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Hello all!


Its post swap sale time!

These items all came off my 510. Milage on the car was 87xxx(yeah right!) at the time that I purchased it, and at the time the items were removed.


The items are as follows:


1. 510 radiator $50 OBO

This looks to be in good shape. Endtanks look good.Looks like the fans may have kissed the fins



2. L16 block $75 OBO

When I purchased the car the PO had a SSS head on the car, but removed it to sell seperately. The car was not running nor have I seen the engine turn over.





4. UPDATE!!!! SOrry guys my mistake had two 510's at one point and I put the dogleg into the other car.


Tranmission is a stock 4 speed $50 OBO

The transmission does go into all gears but again I have not used it while the engine was running. My brother felt in neccessary to place his pile of 240sx parts on top of it. If you are interested let me know I'll dig it out.


5. Front X-member assembly. Make offer?!

Right where the bolts mount to the frame is cracked on both sides, but rest is good. See pictures.




6. Transmission Xmember $30 OBO



7. Heater core $35 OBO

All connectors, and wiring are there.



8. Stock Front swaybar painted yellow with rubber bushings $25


9. Front Struts/springs. Make offer?!

I cut off one of the spring perchs off one side because it was late and I was tired, and was supposed to do my 280zx ones lol..



All items are sold AS IS, and I have described the items to the best of my ability. As far as prices its all OBO, I just need to clean out my garage, and would rather put all these parts back into the community than trash them.

All items are located in the Glendale/Burbank area. I know this kind of limits my buyers but I'm NOT willing to ship at this time.



I am willing to deliver anywhere(within reason like NOT by the state line lol) in LA/OC/Kern/RIverside/San Diego/Ventura county however it will be for 55 cents per mile. If you would like multiple items I'll drop whatever prices/offers for them.


If you have any questions PM is best way for contact. I'm on Ratsun pretty much everyday and will try to get get back at you as soon as possible. If you would like to view the items I'm pretty flexible.


Thanks guys!

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