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blowing headgaskets KA24 Napz24s


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Anyone else blowing headgaskets? We have this problem with the flat top piston mod(KA24E) pistons in a z24 block...and the boosted motors "nitrous and turbos".

Notice under heavy abuse high revving 8000 rpms..they dont take too long to go out..or under boost.

What have you guys done to counter this? Anyone..

We are going to try o-ringing blocks for this..let you know how it go's soon.








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O ring and / or solid copper head gasket.


Not much will stand up to turbo and Naws. It also looks like you are using regular head bolts too. Try some ARP studs.




They talk about this at KA-T.org. Z24 block and KA24E block are the same as I understand it.


They have the same bore and stroke but the KA has much narrower main bearings. The Z24 just like the L series has a block breather on the right side but the KA does not. Also the Z24 and the KA from a D21 truck do look similar. The S13/13 KA blocks are much heavier, have a crank girdle for the mains and have fully floating piston pins. The truck KAs do not. The KA block has an extra oil drain back hole at the back that would conflict with a Z or L series head's water passage.


L/Z and KA main bearings...



The Z24 rod (right) is much stronger looking.




Z24 block (left) has breather on right side, KA breathes through the timing cover.



Car KA blocks have this extra metal around thew back...



Car KAs have floating pins...




Car KAs have crank girdle...


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Were you using MLS gaskets before?

Never tried MLS gaskets..had bad luck with them on the 22rs we've built though..milled the heads and block to specs and still would breach the coolant into combustion chambers and pressure the radiator on the toyotas.


Never seen a MLS for the NAPS z's, Cometic deals?? Custom?


we've tried torqing the shit out of head bolts anything over 75 lbs and they will stretch!! we've tried it!! 80lbs they're gone!


anyone know ARP #'s for headstuds for these.

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The Nissan head bolts are Chromoly V steel. Don't overtorque them. The ARP studs can be torqued a little tighter, but don't overtorque tehm either!

Yeah i know probably not recommended!! :devil: but we do it for the V8 stuff too!! it works to keep things from walking around!!

any #'s for ARP studs...have heard Saturn engines same studs?? i've tried looking around..never tried calling them though!! :thumbup:

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