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L20b motor that has a few upgrades SOLD

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The engine was built in 2007 and finally made it into my Datsun in late 2010. I removed it last winter and has been sitting ever since.

There is around 500 miles on it and will need the head re-torqued, valves adjusted and the oil change.

It's the long block only. No carbs, manifolds, alt or distributer. See pics two post down




Cylinder Bored +1mm w/ L18 Semi- Dished Pistons & Rings

Running W53 closed Chambered head with ported 1.5" intake openings and exhaust ones cleaned up. There is a picture showing ports

Mid performance cam with new lash pads

Polished crank

brass freeze plugs



I have over $2300 into this engine with parts and shop labor. Not including cost of engine itself.

Theres another picture that shows what the shop did to the engine


The only thing thats not included, are the engine mounts

Will be taken off before shipment.

(Hoist not included)


Shipping will be by freight or arrange for local pickup


1000 plus 350 freight


Item is listed on ebay



Here it run with new exhaust and weber


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