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running lights 79 620

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ok i got a problem i have been trying to track down in my truck just started out of no where my fuse blew for my running lights an nothing was changed on the truck i know its a short or something somewhere an i am not big on wiring on vehicles but i have unhooked all my lights to check them...my brake lights turn singals an 4ways all work with no problem but i cant turn on my running lights an i need them due to working swing shift can anyone help me with my truck

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Under the pass side seat is a 10 pin connector that connects the cab harness to the rear frame harness. If you unplug this and the problem goes away you will at least know the problem is from there back. I had a similar problem on my 521... turned out someone in the past had spliced into the rear harness for a trailer light hook-up and removed it and hadn't properly taped the wires up. Naturally salt water in the winter got in and rotted the wires.

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