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i need some opinions on a trade.

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So my 86 vw gti has been on craigslist for a while. Have had a lot of trade offers,, none

have been more interesting to me then this one.




Its a 1983 nissan pulsar, 152k miles, 4 door, sr20de 5 speed man trans. That's the only picture I have gotten so far. From what it looks like in the picture it appears to be in the same condition as the volkswagen. My guess is that I will have to get it bar'd to pass smog, unless it already is. I have never heard of this model until just this morning. Done a little research, but I would enjoy other peoples opinions and experiences with it.


I don't have much info seeing as how he texted me once at 4 am with little info. But it seems like a cool little ride. What do you think?

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i think that thing is rectangular as F!!!! it looks like someone made it out of cardboard boxes. hahah

the car in general, not just that one specifically. and i dont remember ever seeing one and if i did

i didnt know what it was.


i think you should do it, just to switch things up :)

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Ill take a vw GTI any day. Sure cars get boring. But to me the GTI just has too many things about it that I would miss. And therefore I will never by a mk1 or mk2 vw, because I know I will be hooked on them.

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Its fwd. I was looking up the specifications and it is hardly an inch shorter than the vw, and it weighs 1900 lbs. Seems like it would be real fun. He had sent me a video of the engine compartment and it looks like everything is legit. I think I'm gonna do it next week.


Does anyone know the suspension set up? Google fails me.

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