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510 made entirely of gold.

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I understand his price is a lil steep. and it does have a J15. but whats so bad about this. its a rust free datsun in chicago, a rust free anything in chicago is worth dolla bills. plus you gotta add the east coast premium.

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The sad thing is, over here, good clean original(ish) straight, rust free 1600's are fetching that sort of money.


You guys are so lucky to have access to the number of 510's you do (especially Goons).


Where I live (Australias capital city) a place with a population of Approximately 360000 people, I know of only three Goons and I own one of them, another is sitting in a shed, and I haven't seen the third one on the road for a couple of years.

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Well, it we ARE discussing this on a forum wrapped around dirt cheap Ratsun deals ;)


I don't see a whole lot of people letting go of these things for cheap ANYWHERE, and I certainly wouldn't expect very many people here to be selling their's cheap, either. I know I wouldn't.


The whole "it's just a Datsun...." thing is getting old. It's always nice to talk about prices though. :^)

They are worth more and more every day. Because they are getting older and older, and people will be people - they'll rip them up and part them out, which means one less on the road. Or they'll start a project and never finish it, which is another back to mother Earth.


Regardless of whether or not it's imported, that's a pretty clean dime. And location means everything just like everything else out there in the world. If you found one of these in say, Alaska? I'm sure it'd be more than worth it. We have a lot of them here in the US, namely the west coast. So things here will be cheaper, because we don't have to go far to find one. On the east coast, where 90% of them have already rusted away because of the elements, or wrecked because of road conditions, or whatever.. it's going to be fetch a better price.


I see it like this. We don't exactly get Skylines here, but I bet you a person would be able to sell a 7/10 Hakosuka here for a hell of a lot more than it'll get in it's homeland! Might not be intercontinental or super rare in this instance, but how many 510's are hitting the streets of the windy city? I don't know of anybody, and I haven't seen anybody on forums either. And $6500 isn't exactly 'made of gold', I've seen cars in similar shape fetch similar prices.


I know I wouldn't let my 510 go dirt cheap, if at all - but there's always a price tag on everything when you get the benjamin's waved under your face. And mine, even with the KA swap, isn't nearly in that good of shape - it just 'looks' decent. If you want something gone, and you want it gone quick, the price is going to drop. If you are only entertaining the thought, sure - ask what it's worth to you and that's just it.

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If that one is made of gold, then this one must be platinum or diamond with a buy it now price of $21,000, or best offer. I wonder if they'd take a "low ball" offer of $19,000? :rofl:




"The shift knob in this car is in museum quality just like the rest of this gorgeous Datsun." and "Shift knob is amazingly beautiful"


With such a nice shift knob, it must be worth $21,000!

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Just sayin', but rust around here seems to be a status symbol. No offense.


$21k for a bone stock not quite minty condition, I think is a bit steep. If it was on it's way for a full restoration then maybe, perhaps. If it was fully restored, not a doubt in my mind that somebody out there wouuld use it as a car show gem. And that price, even higher, would likely find the right buyer and make the seller quite happy.


Trucks aren't as valuable as 510's, simply because there's fucking a million of them everywhere in anything from 0/10 to 10/10 condition.


Location is going to change everything. Period.

Nothing is going to change that.


To the best of my knowledge, Mexican 510's all had solid axles and different tailight housings. I remember a lengthy thread years ago on the Bluebirds List that went into a lot of detail, and had quite a few pictures accompanying it. The archive would have plenty of that info to check out. And might learn a few things here and there, too.


Now the shift knob? I dunno that it's quite a selling point to ad in a listing, but mentioning the quailty and condition will certainly be a factor. Kind of like how pedal pads can reveal wear. Not to say that things can't be replaced over the years, but, that's just something the buyer will have to cope with (as if it would really bother anybody, honestly.) But, it is a '73 which means it has all the cool bits that ARE rare and you hardly ever see unless somebody bought them from somebody. But they came from somewhere. And I can't honestly remember actually seeing with my own eyes any '73's rolling around lately. I'm sure they are there and I didn't pay attention, but I wish mine was a '73. Just saying. I have a 72 shell I use for obscure parts here and there. Bet your ass if it was a 73 I would either be driving that right now, or everything would be in my '71.


Not trying to rile you guys up or anything. But honestly that (OP's post) craigslist ad seems pretty legitimate, and the price seems fair. It's imported, whether or not it's desireable or not, so that even adds more to the rarity. Has something that 99% of 510's here in the U.S. don't have, so that is going to accumulate value on top of what it is as a whole. Little stuff adds up. Makes it unique. I'd roll around in it and not feel bad about the price tag. It's not going to be worth that much to everybody, could be worth even more to somebody that specifically wants it. But I digress.


Such is life.

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