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1963 320 for sale


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Wow and I thought mine was rough when I got it. But damn 2000 maybe 750 and that might be on the cliff side. I could so use some parts off that truck though. Strange mines a 63 and my signals are way different hmmm




Yea, it looks like a 64, I have never seen a 63 with these turn signals before, I have seen 63s with a 62 grill, but never a 63 with a 64 grill/turn signals.

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Yeah I woud et it go at 500 helll I bought mine for that. I double checked with someone the only way thats a 63 is if he changed the fenders. If you look closely yes it has to be a 64 because the grill pattern is on the front of the truck in black. Anyway 500 because it is missing a lot and needs some serious work and too much elbow grease for anything more.

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I think the 1,000.00 he was asking is a fair price as long as all of the engine parts were there and as long as it turned and went in and outa gear...... I have a 62 didn't run or drive when i got it and didnt even had a starter, plus the clutch was dried up... and probably wasn't driven in more than six years....With all my love drove her around the block in reverse then tried the other gears shifts smooth and runs great! will run better after cleaning out carb a bit and adjusting the gap...... if you could only imagine pull starting this ratsun with another truck in the middle of the city....my neighbors loved it!

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