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What 240sx parts will fit a 510?

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Hey guys, new to the Datsun seen, just picked up a '73 Datsun 510. And I am parting out a 240sx sunday, anybody know what parts I am able to salvage off that car? I'm taking out the SR20DET that my buddy threw in there and putting it in my car. I searched and understand that a few 240sx parts will require fabrication. Just curious on what would fit, and the input of some people who have done/attempted it.


Also, I picked up a pair of mint condition 04-05 Black WRX Seats, these are supposed to be straight bolt on right? They look amazing, but I might want to trade for bucket seats.

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I would keep the struts and front and rear disc brakes and perhaps the C-200 rear diff. Someone could use them.


These parts won't just drop into a 510 but they can be used on one pehaps. Parts are pars and once scrapped they are gone forever. You never know if someone, somewhere might have a need fo them.

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Thanks guys, as for the part out it's a friends car of mine. If you guys did want anything off of it, then I could relay it to him. I thought about taking the front/rear disc brakes but was told I needed to fab a bracket and such to make them work.


sure, a bracket is all you need. Keep them, thats what I would do.

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