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My First Truck!


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Bought my first truck back on June 21st after shopping around since April and found this in Vancouver. The previous owner claimed it was a 77' with added front discs because the cab says 77'. Took it to Bill's Datsuns to get a muffler and wiring work and he says it is a 77' cab put on a 78' chassis, so i guess I have a 78'


when I first got it home








me and my dad cleaning it up






how it sits now







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I want to know How much this Bill guy reamed you for the wiring(what was wrong) and the Muffler.????

Alot of people dont like that guy and the prices are outragous.


most info can be found on this site if you search


or just go to

olddatsuns.com in the tech section.



get new fuel filter first thing to do.

ck trans fluid level(dont be like me never ck and swapping a trans)

new anti freeze so front cover dont cavitate behind water pump.



I would maybe get the stock wheels and hubcaps and lower it and just call it good.

You got a solid looking truck



YOu didnt have title transfer proplem did you? Numbers match up?

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The whole fuse panel and plugs got replaced, nothing electrical on the truck was working, he pulled the dash out and fixed a lot of half ass wiring fixes. Im not sure how much it cost because I also had him put a new muffler, and tune it up including adjusting the valves and carb, a new valve cover gasket, new condensor, some other little things and took it through deq all for $800.


I didnt feel like it was too expensive since its mainly things beyond what me and my dad can do

muffler was $125

wiring was $280


I dont have many plans for it because of my budget, Im already in debt to my parents, so i just plan on keeping the wheels for now and repainting them since the previous owner put brand new toyo's on it. Sometime in the next couple of weekends I am gonna rip the carpet up, do some wire wheeling because theres rust and put por-15 on it other than that Im keeping it how it is and eventually new seats and and door cards

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Update: Not much but a lot of small things lately since I don't have a job...


-got a map tray, 2 gauge bezels, fan switch covers, dome light switches, and new ash tray from pick n pull

-got a dashmat and rebuilt the weber

-and today went to TAP plastics and bought ABS for door cards and kick panels to make this weekend!

-got a new sunroof seal, NO LEAKS! :thumbup:

-wired it for the stereo my dad got and 4 speakers i havent bought yet


Plans for the next couple weeks


- 2 in lower

-buy speakers

-make panels


Pictures hopefullt this weekend if not next... hopefully not

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