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310 Field find... Should I go for it?


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I recently found a datsun 310 in a neighbors field that seems to be in pretty good shape. The owner had put a tarp over the windshield and doors so water wouldn't get in and the interior is clean. The car is very complete, but it's been sitting for probably close to 20 years.

I asked him if he would be interested in selling it and he said i could have it for $200, but he's not sure if it has a title or keys.


I'm trying to find out if buying this car would be a sound investment. Are parts easy to find, and does this car have a decent resale value if i get it running?


Thank you!


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If you are looking to flip it for quick money I would pass on it. These things are a big commitment of time and money as most Datsuns are. When it comes time to sell you get about 2/3 of what you put into it, assuming you do all the labor for free. This is probably true for lots of old cars but some are in more demand, more collectable, iconic, rare. Datsuns are only loved by other Datsun owners. If they buy one and fix it up it often... has too much time and money invested to merely sell it for less or it was done for the sheer fun of doing it. "Sell it? No way I love my little Datsun. I'll sell you my dog. "

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310 hatch FWD... I figured for $200 i couldn't go wrong, even if it needed a bit of work, and i thought maybe it would be nice just to have around as a towncar/backup rig if i couldn't get any money for it. i know what you mean about the desire factor... i have a '84 rx7 and everyone likes them and everything, but they all think i'm crazy for actually owning and driving one every day XD I spend more on gas than i do on food... And on the opposite side I have a '68 beetle and everyone wants it just because of what it is..

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Yup, it's all about what is in. Even here in the Datsun world. A running and driving 310 or F10 is a rare sight but not too many peeps going to give their left nut for one. Now 510 or a 620 and just about everyone on here is wishing how they could have in their driveway, I know, I'm one of them but hell, for 200 bucks I wouldn't pass that either.

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I know i'd kill for a nice 510... But yeah, the price is what really got me. So i'll see if he has a title and i'll go check it out a little more. I'd hate to drag it home and find out it has a seized engine or something. I'm just looking for a quick project.

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