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520 Brakes, are 1966 & 1967 different?


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I have a 1966 Datsun 520 pickup and need wheel cylinder kits and front brake flex hoses. When I get on any major auto parts store or ebay database/website everything basically cuts off at 1967. When you search 1966, nothing comes up. The 1966 didn't actually have different brakes than 1967 and later 520's did it. Nobody has any of the 1967 parts in stock for me to compare. Thanks, Mike.

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1967 model year is when they changed the brakes. The changover was Oct 1966.


1966 had 3/4" cylinders

1967 had 13/16" cylinders

front brake hoses are different too


Rockauto carries front 3/4" under 1967. Inpsect yours to make sure of the size, it should be cast into the cylinder. Get the rebuilds, you'll be glad you did. Or disassemble the cylinders and if they aren't pitted, the kit will be fine.

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Well the bore size only affects the pressure, but the brakes will work just as well. Datsun might have juggled the M/C size that year.


I don't buy kits that fail to specify the bore size. It's difficult enough to find the correct kit.


My parts catalog says the front brake hoses do not interchange between 1966 and 1967, but Mike might have a better knowledge.

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Sorry to bring this post back from the dead but I am having some difficulties with my 520 brake parts. I ordered some new master cyls for my 66 520 from rock auto, the wheel clys fit just fine, but the hoses were not the right thread on the male end that screws to the banjo bolt on the wheel cly. Can I buy a banjo bolts somewhere that fits this hose?

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