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4 Eagle alloys FS 15x10 $350

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Hey all, I got a set of 15x10" 4x114/4x100 eagle alloy wheels, local pick up has dibbs cuz I really don't wanna ship. Selling without tires (they're crap anyways) Wheels are straight, some curb rash on the lips but nothing major.

Located In union city CA in SF bay area.

Asking $350 picked up.



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Yeah, they my wheels now. My wheels! ... My wheels!.

Bought them in SF unseen, a friend dropped then in San Diego, another friend trucked them to Phoenix.


And now 2 of them are sitting on a lathe about the be sectioned down tomorrow.

I always wanted a staggered deep dish rear z and so I am going to have my machine shop cut and section 1.5" from the front rims.


Car will be dropped on GC coilovers.

It just seems in my mind that 15x10 is too big for the front of a Z.

Intending to run 225/50x15 Kuhmos cause they are so cheap. Stretched in back and kinda normal up front.


I f-ing up?

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