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Before drifting.

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Rain is a rare occasion in San Diego, and when it starts, inevitably all hell breaks loose. This happens because oil and fine dust builds up during all the dry weather, which transforms the streets into one big hockey rink when the first few drops hit the pavement. It's not like the rest of the country where it snows and you get regular practice driving on slick roads. Most people in Dago just don't have that skill, and I've seen things get pretty ugly.


I went to a high school that was not in my hood, and because I had a car (Dat 510) I was summarily elected as school chauffeur for all my friends who were doing the same commute. On the way home one day it had been over cast, and just as we were leaving school it began drizzling. I knew full well what this ment, but instead of seeing it as a hazard, I decided it was an opportunity. So, we're at a light in a major intersection with three lanes in all directions and we're getting ready to make a left turn. I decided it would be fun to do a little unannounced drift around the corner to show off my mad drifting skills. The light goes green, and as we're entering the apex of the corner I goose the peddle, and give a quick tug at the wheel. Textbook right? The back end started to come around, so I eased the wheel to the right, and feathered the gas, but instead of recovering, my ass end came around like a slingshot and weeeeeeee were spinning. The only sound in the car was the whine of the wiper motor as the landscape whizzed passed windshield.


Now, at this point I could say we went around five times, but that would just be bullshitting. No it was only 450 degrees, but the recovery was pure perfection. As the car came around and I saw our desired direction coming back into view, I cramped the wheel to the right and throttled up. As soon as the car started to get reoriented I let go of the wheel and the tires recovered traction in a reassuring snap. We may have been in the third lane to the right, but we were on our way as though nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened. It took a while before the silence in the car was broken with the faint mumble of "Did we just?" :confused: :crying: :w00t: Poker faced, my reply was B) What?

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