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I'm aka RonM on the 510Realm and my build thread there is A 510 30 Year in Planning. The car I have now is a SR swapped 72 2 door w a Troy Ermish built Chassis. photo-21.jpgphoto-20.jpg

I've had a thing for 510s for 30 plus years. First car was a 69 4 door, Second was a ratted out L20b 71 with camo paint and Urban Assault 510 stenciled on the side. I grew up in SoCal, but now live in the East Bay. I'd like to connect with more local Dat folk, and it seems the Dime community here is Rat > Realm. I know Indy510 and a few other guys who have a foot in both forums, so I thought I'd do the same. I brought my car to the 2012 Bayline Classic Japanese Car show in San Leandro Marina and met a bunch of cool Ratsun peeps there, and I hope to meet some more.

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Thanks for the welcome guys, Now that the hard work of building the car is done I'm looking forward to playing with it, and Ratsun looks like the right place to have fun. I'll start a build thread and start posing some pict. Rustina, I am looking for the bottom and leading edge trim around the hood and headlight. What you got, and what do you want for it?


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