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swastikas wheel help...

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I tried not to post a thread about this issue but i was trying to get some opinions or comments about what I should do


Today I ran across some 15" 240z swastikas with 2 center caps at a junk yard that were in good condition but really needed some tlc too look back to good.


The junkyard wanted something like $150 for the set but since I don't own a 240z or 510 I am kinda torn as to should I buy them or not.


I really don't need them but then I know they are a part of nissan/datsun history and I am all for keeping history somewhat alive.


Are swastikas rare? Is the $150 price tag even worth paying for?


Just wondering.


If this is posted t the wrong area mods please fix and sorry for improper posting.

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I have seen decent sets that need cleaning up for $150-$200 a set. No curb rash just need polishing.


I have seen professionally polished sets bring $500


So $150 is not a bad price but if you don't need them, I doubt you will make much money on them if you buy them to resell.

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Cool. I wanted to buy them because I thought they were cool and rare. Don't know if I would buy a 510 to put them on.


I also didn't know if it was worth saving. I would resell for the same amount so making a profit wasn't the option but coming up with that purchase amount was what was getting me me.


Thanks for your opinions.

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haha, really?................... i snagged the acorn nuts just in case but put them back when i realized i couldnt afford the wheelset at $150


i got home and my tool bag had 2 acorn nuts in there. very cool looking and wierd at the same time. different from the tuner lug nuts.



im still debating on getting the wheelset. i can grab most of the acorn nuts, maybe 2 or 3 are missing. if the wheelset is still there then i will snag them. who knows, someone may want them. im basically saying if they are still there by the time i get back, then ill pick them up.

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buck fitty is way cheap! I gave $100 for my driver quality set about two years ago but drove two hours to get 'em. they were only made in '82 and '83 so they are way less common than iron crosses (and way lighter). I bent one of mine on a rough back road and it took me about two weeks to turn up a replacement. the single was $20 and I went ahead and had the bent rim straightened for $50 so I have $170 in the five and feel pretty good about it! they sell quickly here for $250. buy 'em and store 'em - they will only go up in value.

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