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anybody have an extra L16 laying around?

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i am heading out west to california from austin tx this coming monday and my #2 and #3 cylinders on my 521 have shit for compression even after a valve adjustment (75lbs in my #2 and 100lbs in my #3) the engine shakes badly and my power is garbage. this is my only vehicle and i am about to be living 50 miles from any kind of town. i really need to swap this thing out and fast with something affordable and reliable or else i will be forced to say goodbye to my little green baby. i can leave you with my old block as well if it sweetens the deal at all and you have a cherry picker


not sure if this is going to work but here is a general idea of the rout i will be taking west. if you live anywhere close and are looking to part with an engine give me a holler



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