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ken blocks new GYMKHANA video

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Ken block ftw! It does my soul good to have someone dedicating this much time to a domestic car in a rally/Gymkhana fashion. NASCAR? What's that? If there was any more cool I'd have to start comparing Ken block to the Beatles.


When the rest of the manufacturers and people are thinking of comfort and cars that handle like lounge chairs, there is this that flies in the face of that thinking. Fucking awesome!

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still nice to watch ...


the only bad point about these video is the car... When it was a subaru , you go to the dealer and get a STI witch is able to do most of the stunts in the video , drift , and have real power ...


try to get a 4wd turbo fiesta at the dealer ... good luck ... :(

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Yes, but if you build it, they will come. Don't forget, Ford has been known to build really cool vehicles, even if for a short period of time. I looked for the 252 hp Focus mentioned at the end of the video, but can't find it on Ford's website? What gives? Did I not look hard enough?


Went back and found an article. Looks like a 2013 model.

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damn! shut the bay bridge down? thats biiiig bux. but then again sf is hurting for $$$ so im not surprised they went for it. cool vid. not so cool car. but whatevs.


yea but if you remember about three months ago the bridge was shut down for three days maybe he caught them at the right time and was able to do it then.


this was a sick vid none the less!!!

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