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Lonestar's new Goon!


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Yup, dat's is right! After searching and searching for another Datsun to become my new DD while the 210 is down had seemed rather hopeless! The problem was not being able to find said Datsuns, it was where they were, either west coast or east and I'm smack dab in the middle in good ol Texas. Well after dropping my girl's 2011 Camro to a trusted body shop (punk kids shot her pass door with a BB Gun) I pass by this one place out of the way and spot the unmistakable tail lights of a Datsun goon! I figure what the heck, leave a not in the guys mail and week later he calls me up. We talk for a bit and tell me that yes, the 510 goon is for sale, long story short...I went today to pay for the car and snap some pic's, won't be tearing into it til I get moved into my house at the end of the month but man I'm so freaking happy right now! :w00t: :thumbup: :w00t:


Now for the pic's of my new 1969 Goon, enjoy!

















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Thanks Eagle, that would be a some sort of plastic lid the PO bolted to the hood. There is a hole in the hood that he cut out he could fit a custom air cleaner. The lid was put there so he drive the car on rain days and not suck all kinds of water into the breather.


King, it's a towel, it's an L16 but the head is gone. He tried to port clean the head after she blew a head gasket in 06 but found the head was cracked after doing all the work to it. So she sat there til I found her and bought her.

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Sweet! I am diggin the "Custom" front bumper... :rofl:


:P That's no bumper, it's part of a tow hitch that the OP is keeping. He's still got the bumpers for it.


Looks like a Bowler.



I'd name the car "Oddjob"


ROFL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: It does don't it! I thinking about taking that hood and turning into wall art by painting the rising sun on it.

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