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Painless Wiring for 510

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Pretty soon i am going to buy a whole new painless wiring set up for my 510..


My dad suggested that we hire or have some one come over and do the whole thing


He was just worried about how expensive that would be. so i went to ratsun where the guys are smart and helpful


I'm asking someone to come over to my household and work on my 510 so i can finally drive it.


But, of course, you have to know how to hook up painless. Money will be discussed when it is donee!!!


Also, what's the best painless setup for the 510?

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I'm doing the same and was wondering if you have any advice?

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Doubt he will respond.


Take your time, if you need a wiring diagram for the dime let me know. I have every one.  Be sure and lay all the wiring out before cutting any.  Run the wires where they go first and get a good feel for it.  Once you get them routed where they need to go start zip tying them.  Keep it neat and clean. You can run the wiring thru the inner fender if you want, keeps the engine bay looking nice and clean. 

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