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What do you do?

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I've been wondering what everybody's career is on here. How many work in the automotive industry? Just browsing through the projects, I can see that some people are more technically skilled than others (me), and I wonder if that's related to what you do for money.


So, what do you guys do?

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right now i am a senior aircraft structure mechanic mechanic level 2 and ACE inspector (airframe condition evaluation) contracting for the army at ft lewis. before that i worked R&D on and built experimental class aircraft. Lancairs, sherpas, Epic LTs, and tinkered with a rutan long EZ once...

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I custom make any hose on cars Brake ,ac , pwr steer, oil systems I was a pkg. machine tech and a Real Estate Agent before I opened my restoration shop ,I do mostly American cars but have like 8 imports here at this time(two 610s two510s ,Dodge colt,Toyo Corona wag,65 311,Ect.)and 50s cars ,couldn't make enough money as a hose shop only ,and I have been a painter at a bodyshop before ,so now it is Restorations mostly on USDM old cars.100_2177.jpg

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Well I'm self employed. Machine Shop.. I make all kinds of stuff. I was making a pretty good living up until Yesterday. Friday the fuckin 13th I get an e mail from my biggest customer wanting to know how many orders they can cancel.. WTF!!!!! Now I don't know what I'm going to do. Not much work out there at this time so I'll have to re group come Monday...

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Just breaking balls, we can do it again for fun lol.


I was a plumber/sprinkler fitter but left it to become a auto mechanic and then a industrial mechanic. Actually dont want to do any of these things, maybe one day I'll find a profession that I dont wake up dreading.....

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i make glass pipes for hippies. been doing this for 17 years, also have 5 years restaurant cooking experience, and these days i do a lot of light construction (already built 5 greenhouses this year). the only way working with glass could help with working on cars- patience. both take a lot of it. EDIT: i guess i should add i also do a bit of buying and selling of old collectibles (buy an old radio for ten bucks, sell it to a collector for 100 bucks) and i'm trying to get better at restoring stuff. i like making old stuff shiny again. ANOTHER EDIT: i also detail cars, boats, and trailers. damn, i just realized that i am a well rounded individual. i have a lot of hobbies, i try to make them pay for themselves.




and i'm happy to report that these are very expensive.

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