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620 parts 4 sale

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the official Ratsun salute bro ;) can't sell parts without it. :lol:


I'd like to see more of that in ads... kind of like how Playboy magazine always has the rabbit hidden somewhere on the cover, lol !


(sorry to make ot remarks, but free bump... again)

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if giving the salute will help sell parts, I'm up for it and Thanks for the bump. :thumbup:


620 left and right head light rings & brackets $25.00 for the set.




620 instrument gauges $25.00.




sale pending on rear window louver cover.

P.M.sent for rear louver and instrument cluster.

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... I forgot my manners when commenting before... so jic you don't realize from the senior member status... 420n620 is good people, no worries here... helped me out on my project in a tremendous way.

glad I could help you out and thanks for the kind words.

Gauges headlight brackets and grill shipped to 91761???

Those gauges are sold but so happens I got a 77 gauge cluster. Got to remove it from the dash. I'll pm you soon as I figure out the cheapest way to ship.

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Is the dash in good shape?? I need a complete dash...bezel and gauges...

The dash pad / bezel are damaged, not worth saving.


How about that grill and headlight buckets??


PM sent w/ pic's.

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620 AC ducts parts (4 pcs ) no damage, $50.00, $1.5 mil or low ball me, really low. Sorry this is all I got for the 620 AC. If you see pic's of the AC pieces, I still have them. If no pic's, der, they have been tossed.


The last 3 pic's are a mock up to show where the pieces fit.






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got any front valence parking lamp lens covers?

I'll look today to see if I got any frt lens.


Still got the headlight buckets?

still have, whats your zip code.

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