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AKIBA Meet n Greet- San Francisco (7/27/12)

Alex Datsun

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Friday, July 27th at 12:00 night timez



AKIBA Desert House

3141 Clement (between 32nd and 33rd)

San Francisco,941421


YO GEE I KNOW WE JUST MET, AND THIS IS CRAZY BUT, I THINK I WANNA MEET N GREET YOU MAYBE. Seriously though dawg you wanna be gangsta?you wanna be famous? you wanna get das girls? Well come on down to AKIBA they serve crepes....these crepes are so delicious there banned from eye sight because the intensity of the sweet tasty mouth watering-ness can.......




ohh man WATCH OUT!! If your skeptical heres their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akibasf , if you doubt my words a unicorn banna split will strike the ice cream fondu out of your worthless marshmellow you call a brain.












Ok seriously though, Akiba is a dessert joint in the sunset part of San Francisco relatively new and trying to bring in more faces to become familiar with along with a little exposure on top of having a good time. Their very japanese culture inspired with anime running all day with a anime/freelance art gallery in the back, so if you guys are coming for food,cars, or just coming out theres other reasons to come out.




Parking isnt the greatest to be honest but there is a parking lot across the street that we may have for the night if we get the crowd (owner hookup). Pretty straight forward just for us Bay Area folks to put faces to forum names and cars to names, The meet is in the early stage for now so I will update things as more info I'm sent to keep you guys informed. Oh btw I'll leave this quote from the facebook event page (http://www.facebook....lan_user_joined):



Hell, just for the crazy cosplaying maids if you really don't want to come for the guys or cars"





Hopefully see you guys there

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Theres cosplaying maids there? Fuck...


Man, two of the best restaruants Ive ever been to (for atmosphere) were in Japan. One was where alll the waitresses were 19-20yr old girls (who looked 13) were dressed up as slutty lolitas and the other was a super sluttly S&M/BDSM place. It was crazy or anything, but every time the waitress would come up to you, you had to talk shit about them and you were allowed to spank/pinch the girls. The basically just worshed you while you treated them like shit. Food was good at both places too.


Wish I was closer for this meet... sounds like a cool place.

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