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FS: 1971 521 Pickup

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Located in Durant, Oklahoma (about 2 hours north of Dallas, Texas).


Hey Guys.

Thank you, first of all for all the help provided to get this truck where it is today. Sadly, its not working out for me. Fact is, I got married, I just got a kid, and I need a back seat and air conditioning, and I need a down payment on that vehicle.


So with many manly, greasy tears, I present to you all my Datsun Pickup


I Will disclose everything about this truck so you know what you are buying.


The bad.


Original L16 engine. (maybe that is good)


Original 4 speed manual trans.


Had the crank turned 2 years ago when I went through the engine and I believe they did not do such a premium job. I spun a bearing and got the rod and piston hot and scored the cylinder a bit.


There is rust here and there, you will see the rust in the pictures. Probably both the doors have the cancer pretty bad in the bottom.


After getting all the work done on the engine, there is still a tick in it that bothers me and so I have started it a few times but not driven it. I think it may be a valve. I dont want to write a book about that part so I took a video. Ill see if i can post it.


Wheels are rusty


Rust in the bed.


Speedo doesn't work.


The good:


Clean title


Low Miles. Odo stopped at 75000 miles, and i put on about 3,000 more. That's all it has.


I have gotten the crank turned by the best guy around.


Cylinders bored out .40 over, with matching pistons.


Weber Carb, properly tuned, brand new.


Pentronix distributor.


Solid core copper spark plug wires.


New Master cylinders, Slave cylinders for brake and trans.


Sheet metal is clean and clear, except for a ding in the left front side, in the flat part, and the rust in the doors.


Original jack, jack handle, OWNERS MANUALS that came with the truck.


Interior is in decent shape, original bench seat and fabric.


The second glove box area thing is in great shape.


Heater works.


"Wing windows" still seal.


Tail gate works.


Good tires.


no leaks anywhere.


New hoses all through.


painted the block


Good transmission.


Lets be honest, Gentlemen, I simply dont want to work on it any more. I dont know what that noise is, dont care to know. After my last break down and weeks of working on it in the hot sun Im tired of it, i dont want to tear into it again. Im sick of it.

I dont know how much to ask for.


$1,300.00, or make an offer. I'm easy. At least my wife tells me.


Again, thanks so much for all the help, but its just not working for me, its not a hobby but a necessity that I drove it, and its time for a change.

Id really like to see someone enjoy this little guy, he's just not my truck any more.


I will consider trade offers and cash plus the truck for a trade as well.


I will post more pictures if requested.


Sorry, about the mood of this post but really bummed that I'm putting this up. Cheer me up and make an offer. :blush: :thumbup:


engine running video



these are all the pictures.


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