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what are the chances?

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what are the chances my 73 240z was lightly restored previously? the car is rust free, as in no rust, anywhere! when I got it, it had a header (looks kinda odd I''ll try to post pics, looks like it was built to use some sorta oxy sensor), a 5speed, the carpet and headliner had been stripped, and the doors used 280z door panels. The car looked like it had been repainted once aloong time ago from a tanish white to more of a marshmellow white. All the electricals work fine, including the interior lights which on all the cars I'm used to, never seem to work. The rear bumper had been removed (got it from a guy who was using it for parts, good guess where it landed.) and the front bumper was dented in at the front, though thats the extent of the damage, below the battery tray doesn't even have any rust. The car also had what looked like new matching tires on all 4 wheels, though the car had been left sitting on them so 1 had collapsed, the other 3 still had those paint marks or whatever that they put on the tread of the tires when there new. Only problem I saw were the flattops, and when I took the intake, and exhaust off the head is actually very clean inside, the block has also been repainted, not datsun blue, that how I know, but more of a ford blue.

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same year model as mine, are you actually going to restore it to its full potential?

no such thing as full potential, well I've considered restoring it, but I've got to many project already the way I see it, so I may end up selling it soon, Here's the list of projects I've got: 79 RSLT Camaro, 93 Misubishi eclipse GS widebody, 76 280z, 79 GS1000, 82 magna, and my 86 madura. If I can get rid of all these bikes, finish my 280z and sell it, I'll probably restore it, just an oissue of time and money, plus my dad has me working on our foundation drilling rigs all the time so I'm rarely able to get any work done anymore on my cars.

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Take a look at those tires...


Tires after 2000....


Post_2000_Full_Dot.jpg In the example above:

DOT U2LL LMLR 5107 51 Manufactured during the 51st week of the year 07 Manufactured during 2007


Earlier than 2000 there is just a singe digit and it's not easy to figure out the decade.



As for the state of the car it may just have been well looked after and /or garaged. After 40 years it's not impossible that the car wasn't painted or perhaps it was repaired in that ares.




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well the last "real" owner really had to of worked this thing over, I'm not talking a full on restoration, just rust repair, repaint, and drivetrain rebuild. I got a feeling this car was in a wreck and left in an impound lot, then the guy I got it from took it and started taking interior panels, tail lights, the back bumper, and the hatch lock. Forgot to mention I got this car for free.

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