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Need 521 Gauge Ideas...


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Okay, so no center console and I hate the typical "add a hot rod style, under dash polished or stainless 90 degree unit". Looking for something stockish, period correct for my resto-mod. I NEED IDEAS and they need to be cool.


Guages at a minimum to be run will likely be A/F (wideband), Oil pressure and fuel pressure. I might add more or get a multi-function unit later.


Anyone got three extra 521 clocks I can rip the guts out of and use the housing for guages bwahahaha....



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Not sure, I'll have to go look at my 280. just need something that I can spray with flat black SEM (or a matching color to a key item in the truck) and make it look stock. Maybe something like these turned over and mounted under the dash...just not sure....


Even game to on top of the dash, just needs to be sweet and stock looking.





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here is what previous owner did with my truck, i wish they wouldnt have welded it in. I wish they would have made a bolt in plate using the factory bezel as template. anyway heres best pic i have at the minute.


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wiring is simple, gauges most of time come with the sensors. my setup was straight forward, looked at dakota digital and a little more work. just tap into orginal cluster plug. i even put in dimmer switch(included with 3 or more gauges)

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