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SOLD>>>FS: 521 Bumperettes w/ Brackets, 2 sets package deal

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OK so here's the deal. Of the 4 or 5 sets of these I've bought over the years, this is what I have left. 2 sets that are as I got them, both from members here. Both sets are well used with light dents and dings, light to moderate rust, etc. No rubber baby buggy bumpers on either set. And full disclosure, the brackets are tweaked slightly on all of them and will need some love to straighten out (this info I did not get when I bought them).


So, $220 plus ship for both sets, package deal. I am losing money on these so please no low ball offers, this is the price.


Figure 30lbs via UPS from 97213.


Payment by Paypal only, or cash if you want to pick them up here in Portland Or.


First response on THREAD has dibs, or in the order of responses as needed.





Set one in front, set two in rear.





Left side set one.






Right side set one.






Left side set two.






Right side set two.




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Will trade for nice running 510 goon, 610 goon or 2 door. or maybe a nice running 810. Or a 240Z. Or a 260. Maybe even a 280. But prolly not a 280. Most likely a 240 or 260. But would prefer the 510. Or, a baby's arm holding an apple.

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twitch twitch sure when I start thinking a 521 is not in the books for me somthing I was searching for over a year shows up.


any chance to split them up?

i'll take the 2nd set if he's willing to split them up. i swear i'll do wheelies in mine if i leave that stock one on there... i've been slackin with forum checking so just shoot me a paypal request to (redacted) for a set shipped to 78753 and i'll pay up real fast like :)

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Will keep this in consideration, you and Z chopper might have to fight over who gets what set though (actually he'd get dibs). It's just that I have them boxed up and ready to ship to save space right now. The point of this is that the buyer can choose the best combo for themselves and sell the others off to re-coupe some cost, or save for spares.




BTW, 521 bumpers fit 620's as well. They don't fit up as snug as 620 brackets, but they do fit and I got tons of compliments on mine when they were on my truck. And good luck finding 620 brackets, and the bumpers don't interchange.



So if someone has a 521 AND a 620... B)

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