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1977 810 sedan part out or entire car-mods please delete

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So I bought this car a few days ago and sadly it has an exhaust leak somewhere around the 6th cylinder in the manifold. I dont have the time or knowledge to try and fix it at this time :(.

The chassis has 97k actual miles on it aside from the exhaust leak the engine runs really strong and the 4speed transmission shifts really good in all gears but it whines a little because there's slop in the shifter bushing. Anyways im looking to part the simple stuff off this car or sell it to someone that wants the motor/trans, or to fix the car up. The car is located in Lake County CA which is about 2hr from Sacramento or the Bay Area. I did just put 200miles on the car last Sunday in one shot and it made it just fine. The hood and trunk are bad in my opinion maybe repairable? All the lights work, interior is in great shape, it maroon with a 70's style cloth on it. The driver door needs to be opened from the outside at this time but the 3 others work. The power side window even works! All of the many sweet warning features work as well. I like this little car but im not guna lye im not mechanical enough to tackle this beast and do it justice.

So if you want to buy the car your at the top of the list in my book. Im looking to get what I have into it $600. If you want parts let me know to and we can work something out. Thanks








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