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any place I can get new car wire that isn't by the 1000' roll?


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Kind of cleaning out all the electrical gremlins to my car. Typical datsun stuff. Previous owner took apart the wire harness so it looks like a bowl of spaghetti has ejaculated all over the engine compartment. But luckly, it's mostly contained. I also have the usual, "why is this wire here?" and "what were these 4 ends of wires that look like they've been cut off with a knife for?). So I kind of want to slowly update my wiring. Delete the non used wires, re terminate the ends with heat shrink crimped connectors instead of electrical tape and spit, upgraded weatherproof pigtails, and reroute and reconfigure as I see fit. Probably the painful one wire at a time, but it's just how I work. I keep it simple and if I rip it all out at once I'm bound to confuse myself. I want to keep all the same color patterns so I have some sort of reference so I've been looking online. Painless Wiring, The obvious choice is expensive at around $30 per 50' of each color it's bound to run into the hundred easily and it's for twice the wire I need. A few other search results like tiewraps.com sell their wire by the 1000' roll. I know wire isn't the cheapest but are there any other places to buy wire that I'm missing out on? I'd like to buy 3-5 diffferent colors at a time and slowly update. Maybe a place that sells by the foot/yard?


Tips? Suggestions?

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Can oriellys sell any gauage in any color combo, like yellow with red stripe?


riwire.com is the only place that actually seems reasonalbe for automotive wiring in any color combo you can imagine. I have done lots of searching.

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Yes, Oreillys sells all the same gauge wire used by a 510 (from 12 to 22 gauge) in many colors. Maybe not striped but then I've never needed it. I get my wires at pick-n-pull, a whole harness is $20 and has the factory colors and connectors handy to have spares on hand when I need them.

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That is a good suggestion. But at this point these cars are 40 years old, if I was replacing I would replace with new.


Some of us are a bit more OCD, or just like making things seem right. I wish striped wire was easily accessible. I really want to remake my harness in my car with all new wire, and wire that matches the factory wiring diagrams as close as possible.

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Meanwhile, I'm driving my 40-year old Datsun instead of worrying about replacing old wire ...


wat, since your wiring is messed up, by all means replace it. But not just because it's 40 year old. Don't fix what ain't broke, though it sounds like your wiring is!

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