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280ZX turbo Distributor in an L16?


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I've been searching but I haven't found anything. Just wondering if an '82-83 280ZX turbo dizzy will bolt up to a stock L16. If not will it work with the other matching half shaft for the oil pump? I've been researching KA/SR and VG30E/ET swaps and I think it would be fun to Mega Squirt the L16 and maybe down the road boost it. I can change the optical wheel easily enough to work and even run distributorless ignition. I've got an extra dizzy and I'm wondering if it would be easier than rigging up an CAS on the front pully, etc.

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Yes, it will bolt up. Not sure about the timing plate. It will run with Megasquirt if you have the right software/timing for a 280ZX "CAS". Although sequential won't make you any more HP than batch fire. You'll find out. Well maybe you won't cause most don't dyno before and after. It makes squat all difference except for lowering emissions.

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You can run the dizzy, yes.


You can NOT use it for anything other than a crank angle sensor on a 4 cylinder, but no one has come out with the real reason yet...You can't get a 4-tower cap for it. It does not use the same cap and rotor as the other L series distributors.


You can use it for a CAS ONLY and would have to run a coil pack on a Megasquirt with extra coil drivers, since the distributor won't be..distributing.

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The Z24i uses a CAS the will fit the Z22 timing cover so likely the L20B and thus should fit the L16. Maybe with some minor mods. The spindle and the receiver on the dizzy end is splined so you would need to change to that as well. The Z24i dizzy xcap has 8 plugs so just use 4 of them.


The KA24E has a similar dizzy but with 4 plug cap. It will fit but won't bolt down without drilling a new hole.



These aren't 'drop in' by any means but anything can be made to work.






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Thanks for the info guys. I've got a ZX dizzy setup but I would have to be ready to go directly to distributorless since I'd be using the dizzy just as a CAS not to switch high voltage to the plugs. I'm almost ready to switch over to distributorless with my S130 turbo MS3/3X setup.


I did find a cheap Z22 so I think I'll just end up doing a swap. I'm pretty sure I'll go MS3 and turbo. It just sounded like fun doing and EFI L16 and boosting it but I think it will be a lot more fun in the Z22. My buddy had a Z24i I could have pulled the dizzy from but he's junked it. It's all about the timing.... or lack thereof...

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