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You'd never guess where this car was built.

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this is all work i personally did at the old shop i worked at. my own work not just the shops work.



a arm conversion on a really horrible frame. and new alum panels on it





i did alot of the chassis on this one and all the alum.


i also did alot of the suspension design on the new 4x4x4 car they are doing now back when it was a prototype. its a 4wheel drive 4 wheel a arm. torsion bar suspension rear engine buggy that is very unstoppable..............


so there


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I can appreciate the amount of work that it take to pull something like that off. It looks pretty good for scratch built to me. I just always thought those cars were really ugly. Mike beat me to it. He built a car -- but not a Lambo. To bad his taste in cars didn't equal his ability.

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Yes he does have ability and able to finish something once started. Lambos are not the prettiest car made... too many flat surfaces and angles like the facets on a diamond. What N Am hunk of iron was used for the motor?

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Oh you all just suck! C'mon, even me, the most opinionated can see that the Countach is fucking gorgeous! Those flat angles and lines, damn that represents the 80s! And he built it to spec. It's not like he got a Fiero and put a body kit on it, the dude LITERALLY measured the thing and built it, just like a machinist following a set of plans!


You know how I REALLY feel?! It's badass and I want it!!! Who cares what motor it has in it?!

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