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Pin Striping Newbie

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Hi all , I am just teaching myself to pin stripe and have plans to pin stripe the flames of our golf cart . I just got some one shot paint and the Steve kafka brush #3 . I am wondering if I can practice with this brush using water based paint like acrylics or leather paint? Also the brush did not come with instructions on how to clean it the first time or if I even have to , I have heard you do not have to clean the brush you can just start painting right out the package ...??? Anyone know for sure . Can I use mineral spirits as a reducer for one shot ? Should you use reducer at all on a piece your pin striping that is going under clear coat ? And , if you pin stripe over a clear coat does it really leave a a line a paint you can run your hand across and feel the lump ? I have lots more questions if anyone cares to entertain me for a bit on this subject . I am a artist so I have skills I just need to practice this but do not want to use my Kafka brush if the paint I am using is going to ruin it . Any help and advice is greatly appreciated !



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Oh it said Ratsun so I just assumed it was some kinda Ratfink saying or something . I was googling pin striping and this forum came up and had pics of some stuff done so I just immediately assumed I could get advice from someone here . Very sorry , I will find another group .


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Hate to be the one to chime ,anyway ,I did it on car lots with a pro striper ,when you learn, you get a piece of glass to practice, on a table so you can razor blade off ,then sliding glass doors verticle surface so you can drag 3 feet minimum one brush load , we used a little linseed oil to slow cure and make thinner ,they have slow reducers for one shot ! anyway you need to practice with oil base.Always he also would start with a couple shots of Jack before he started stripin the Mercedes to steady his hand.

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Learning a new skill is scary, but sometimes the best way is to just start, and gain experience from your mistakes. To quote Nike, "just do it!"

I do not know about where you live, but here in Oregon city, Oregon, the local community college automiotive department actually offers speciality classes, and one is pin striping, and custom paint.

Clackamas Community College.


Go to a local body shop, or maybe a auto dealer that does body repair, and ask for a slightly damaged fender, or hood to work on.

Try to practice the skill, artsy side of this craft. As far as the technical part about mixing paints, catalysts, and other tech items, get the tech data sheets for the paints you are using, as well as the paint you are putting the pinstripeon.


This is not quite as freehand as you maybe want to develope your sills for, but 3M makes a pinstripe masking tape that is 1 or 1 1/2 inch wide, that is made up of many individule 1/16 strips that after yo put the tape done, you can pull the 1/16 pieces out in any configuration you want to make parallel stripes, and using a detail spray gun to apply paint. It is not as artsy a freehand, but pin striping trucks, or boat trailers may be the bread and butter that pays the bills, and gives you the freedom to support and pay for the custom freehand artsy stuff.


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Howdy! Check out the Pinheadlounge.com Great place to learn and see many other peoples work. As far as the Kafka brush I have a couple but I like the Mack Bobbo better cause it's shorter. You should probably get a Mack seris 10 (blue wrap) size 00 to learn with. It does straight lines better. Kafkas are designed for the scroll stuff. I use mineral spirits to thin my paint. If you are going to clear over you MUST put hardener in it or it WILL lift!!! wash the brush in mineral spirits befor you paint! the brush comes with glue in it for shipping. wash the brush out , gently pat dry with a cloth or paper towel, then soak in oil(I use mineral oil, DO NOT use trans fluid or motor oil as it will eat the brush) be sure to work the oil into the ferrul. now rinse it lightly in spirits again and start painting ! the glass idea is a great way to practice. Also check out the Wizzards "Pinstripe Basics" video. It's great! If you have any other questions or just want to share frustration, my email is hotrodmonk55@gmail.com Remember it supposed to be FUN !!!! Chris (Monk) Depuy

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Try everything. Watch YouTube vids, look for inspiration everywhere, develop your style, and give a finger to those who don't have constructive criticism. Someone who walks up and says, "that looks like shit!", is not someone to listen to. Someone who walks up and says, "that looks great, lay the brush a little bit more and those lines will flow a bit easier", is the guy to listen to.

In regards to the brush, I clean with mineral spirits, pallet it in baby oil, wipe off the excess oil, and then I hang it tip down, or I lay it flat.

The difference in the brushes, Kafka vs Mack vs Sword Striper, is all about what works best for you. I prefer the Kafka line because it's the easiest to use, but sometimes, the design dictates the use of a different brush. I have a #1, #3, and #5 Kafka, as well as a double 0 Mack.

Practice long straight lines, and different radius curls. Glass is the easiest to practice on because you can just razor blade it off once it's done.


Good luck, and have fun!!

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