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The Gremlin: Magnetic kill switch

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The magnetic kill switches are done. Youtube screwed up the wiring images at the end of the video, but this gives you an idea.


I'm planning on ordering one of DatsunDave's DZ push button ignitions, and I think the DZ and the Gremlin will work excellent together since there wouldn't be a physical switch for someone to find. Though it would probably have to be wired up in manual arming only mode since I think the lock function on the DZ doesn't let you go into accessory mode without unlock it first.





Kit includes:

1x "Gremlin" control module

1x 40 amp standard relay

1x Status LED

1x NC Pushbutton

1x Magnetic switch

1x 1/4" magnet

1x Black LED holder

1x Chrome LED holder


The systems are $30 shipped to most of the US. I currently have 9 kits ready.





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I couldn`t turn sound up enough to hear it was to turn it on.....( the push button )



.will it work without led ?? cuz my car sits for long periods of time



My guess would be the button would turn it on and off.

LEDs don't use a lot of power, but I could be wrong on that fact.



I guess I should have watched the video first, it only turns it on.

So does this mean you still use your key, and this is just to supply power to the ignition?

What would keep anybody from just making a jumper wire like they did on the 510 that was stolen in portland recently?

I bet I need more info to understand this system.

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The push button arms the system. To disarm it, you need the magnet. It won't work behind metal since metal blocks most of the mag field. The push button also works as a panic button to rapidly arm the system in the event of, say, a car jacking. Depending on what you have it interrupting, it can kill the engine immediately.


The LED is entirely optional. The system will work just the same without it as it will with it. As for the battery drain, I imagine that it uses a few milliamps at any point, so I'd imagine it shouldn't drain the battery by any concerning amount, but I've never done a longevity test with one of these and a car battery.


Wayno, regarding the jumper; there's probably not a whole lot that can stop that from happening, short of having a locking and armored hood latch cable and keeping them from getting to the engine bay in the first place. With a carbed engine that's running points, there's not a whole lot of places to interrupt sadly. Now if it was an electronic ignition, the relay could be used to interrupt the distributor's pick up or some other part, so even if they did jumper the coil, the distributor shouldn't fire.


Now for a computer controlled vehicle, you could interrupt a lot of things: injectors, fuel pump, ignition, CAS, etc.


In an average setup that I'm picturing, you'd use it like a regular kill switch, essentially. You'd still use your key to crank the car, etc.


Depending on what mode (auto/manual, auto) you set it up for, you would turn the key to accessory to supply switched power to the module, sweep the magnet over the sensor, then fire up the car. If you set it up as manual only (12v constant and 12v switched at both wired to a constant source), then you can disarm the system without having to turn the key to accessory first.

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I don't know the exact internals of the module, but yes, standard LEDs typically only draw a few millamps. You could always wire a really small switch in series with that LED if you are letting your vehicle sit for extremely long periods of time.


Hardwyre brings up a good point I have been thinking about a lot: Points and a carb, unfortunately make a much easier setup to jumper and steal. On the contrary, the more electronic items you have (like EFI, etc.) the more interrupt points you can make (electronically anyways).


Good work on the kit.

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Hardwyre: Thanks that`s what i thought about being behind metal ,,,but you never know that`s why i asked.


.....and like i said i earlier i turned up sound and your explanation of what the button did was clear...I was trying to get little boys to sleep and had sound turned way down the first few times i viewed it..........hence the stupid question about button.




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woah woah woah..... you are still alive?


Yep.  Computer went down and I was house shopping and working so I had side lined a few things; but all the sudden a was getting a resurgence of interest in this.  I'm going to redesign the board to be simpler to put together, and I would imagine simpler to install (thinking of eliminating the tiny screw terminals which may be a pain in the ass trying to articulate under a dash and instead just use straight wiring to the board).

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Send him a PM , it was hooked to his e-mail , last time i wanted to get ahold of him it worked..


I have had one of these in a newer daily driver car for a few years now and it still works great.. 

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Send him a PM , it was hooked to his e-mail , last time i wanted to get ahold of him it worked..


I have had one of these in a newer daily driver car for a few years now and it still works great.. 

Thanks I will try that ...  


  Edit: I did "Send Me A Message" from clicking on the user name Hardwyre  ...

 Fingers crossed Hope he replies .

I could REALLY use this as a theft deterrent system for a Classic truck I'm restoring...

 Nice clean system, nicely laid out.... I desperately want this system....   

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