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l24 and 4 speed for sale

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Names Tommy, I have a l24 with 4 speed for sale. Asking $500. The transmission works in all gears. The engine is still in my 240z.. It has approximatly 90,000 plus miles and Ive replaced the starter, alternator, wires, cap, points, spark plugs, and waterpump not even 500 miles ago. The head has also been pulled off and replaced ALL gaskets and cleaned the head, ports etc. 500 is a bargain for a running motor and the tranny alone and has alot of the parts replaced.


Reason for selling it is because Im wanting to drop my l28et into my z. I thought about using the l24 as a backup but I may never get around to using it again as Im trying to build the l28.


$500 - Looking for someone who will take care of it.




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