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When inspecting an engine

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when I go to inspect a complete engine that has been sitting, what do you feel is acceptable to lube the moving parts. WD-40? Motor oil?


it's at the JY but it's not a pick and pull. i'd like to lube the valve train and spray the cylinders through the spark plug holes then give it a few turns.

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As long as the motor has been sitting protected with a hood and air filter on it, I wouldn't worry about it. I've pulled motors apart that have been sitting for years and years and internally the cranks and rods have lots of oil still on them. The valve train may look a little dry but only on the outside. You could take an oil can and squirt the cam lobes maybe a couple of squirts down each plug hole.


WD-40 is useless for this. It's mostly Xylene solvent and a small amount of mineral oil.

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If there is a gasket on it I would just leave it. Things that are working are best left alone. If it has an obvious valve cover lea then yes, get a new gasket, otherwise jusy run it. Having said that, if the motor is out, the oil pan gasket might be worth reoplacong as it's near impossible to do in the vehicle.

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I wouldn't put any oil or lubricant in it when inspecting. If it won't turn over a few times, then don't buy it. Sometimes you can put oil in and force it around, but the engine will be shot.



Additionally, when you do your compression test, you don't want any extra oil to throw it off.

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