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Dawa's 73 620 build


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  • 2 years later...

i am pleased to announce that after a hiatus, numerous deployments, and months spent at sea, and after the truck not running for years, that I finally got her fired up the other day, and that my build is back on.


my immediate plans are to get it back to a reliable and street legal status, which includes but is not limited to:

-changing out all the fuel hoses for new

-renewing the registration

-bleeding the brakes (if necessary)


after that, I should be able to drive it around town (and beyond!)


I have no super big plans at the moment, just need to get to driving her again. but I do plan on taking it all over the state and pnw to go to all the meets and meet Datsun buddies.

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  • 2 weeks later...

ok, update!

so Ive replaced all the fuel hoses, took it for a spin, she runs fine as ever, stops ok, too.

I park her, go back the next day, and there is oil on the ground. big puddle.

now, the bitch has always had a slight drip from the rear main seal, but this qas like at least a full quart of oil.

I lay on the ground and watch the bitch to see where this leak is coming from....

and its the goddamn dreaded (at least to me) leak from the metal AROUND the drain plug.


so I went out and bought some epoxy, and now im just waiting for all the oil to drain out, then clean the surface, and lay on some epoxy.


the other portion of getting her on the road is getting the tabs renewed. this is not as easy as it sounds.


I live in WA and she's registered in Cali. I have the original plates so im going to keep it that way.

the problem is that I renewed the tabs and they sent it to my old san diego address.

last week (7/25) I sent in the address request form. Yesterday (8/3) I call the dmv to get a status, and the lady says that forms received by mail like that typically take

4 weeks to process! so now I might have to wait another 3 weeks for this process, just to fill out the form for new tabs. furthermore, they will not change your address on the phone.


I will post photos tomorrows guys, im sorry. and sorry for the ranty explanation

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ok here are some photos from workin on em


here we have my lil compressor & air line, used for blowing the fuel line free of debris (thanks for the tip, Teddy)



wait, where is the battery?



here it is, in the bed. 


one project of mine is a better, and better looking battery box.


here is what she looks like. within a couple months im gonna sand her back down to bare metal and experiment with different clear protective coatings.




lastly, here is a sneak peek of my new longbed. 


i say mine but its actually only 2/5's mine, im making payments. 

maybe some of you recognize this truck and know the owner. 

ill give you a hint, he is a local pnw guy....

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  • 3 months later...

took her out last week, ill post a lil mini story about that later.


I have been cleaning/organizing my garage. if you don't know, I have 8 vehicles right now, so I give a lil attention to each of them.


last week, the attention was goin to my SC300, replacing the front wheel bearings (first time ive ever done that, yay me.)

the 6ton harbor freight press that I bought just for the occasion was not enough for the task :/ might return it and just save up for a sturdier,

higher strength, American made model (vintage or antique hopefully <3)


ive slowly been cleanin/organizing the garage. once that's done ill be able to store and work on 2 vehicles in there insteada 1.


anyways, here are some aspirations for the truck:

1- bring the front end back down to bare (rustless) metal, try a different sealant.

  -for this I bought a tool called 'the restorer'. ill post photos of the tool itself as well as the outcome.

2- better battery box.   ultimately I want to cut into the bed, and have the box be under the bed (with a hinged lid)

3- fix the rats nest of wires under the hood (make it prettier to look at, with brass/cooper accents)

4- I just learned about 'brass hot brushing', which is a 'form' of brass plating. I want to take the tailgate to bare metal, with brass "DATSUN"

5- get my carb better dialed in. also wanna install an AFR gauge to maybe help with this

6- speaking of gauges, I need to install my mooneyes triple gauge set.

7- install music player.

8- re index torsion bars, bring front end down an inch

9- make a skid plate to protect oil pan.

10- clean the bench seat. maybe dye it (black?)

11- replace/improve the seat belt(s)

12- make a center console/cup holder (hopefully outta brass )

13- make top hat w accompanying ducting for carb.

14- install hood dampers


ok that's enough day dreamin for now.


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  • 1 year later...

photos, every one loves photos.
even if it isn't a lot of progress, its something to look at.

this is my garage at night, very bright
as you might could tell, there are no actual cars in the garage (all the antique and vintage shit is in the way.)
the 2 covered cars are the 97 lexus sc300 (left) and 90 Z32 TT (right.)

I believe this photo was me REbleeding the brakes, successfully this time.

finally got her feet back on the ground since I don't even remember
still need to reindex those torsion bars  1 notch.

didn't want to replace these, since they've been with the truck so long, but the rubber was starting to go.
don't completely like this design. and its bigger, I had to bend the gas doors bottom spring... could cut a nick in the cap.... later.


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it was finally time to test this thing out.

it does... ok

lets try this stuff out

works relatively well
(wheels are already post-clean in this photo, read below)

taking a break from that, I tried Meguiars ultimate wheel cleaner, based on George's recommendation.
(purple stuff is iron)

my verdict? this is my new, favorite wheel cleaner. these wheels have not been this clean since I installed them!

gross, lets get all that outta there. ive seen guys fit up screens to keep this from happening, put that on my to do list.

my battery relocation is the worst (in regards to safety/missile hazard) definitely not DOT legal, def do not recommend this.
it does get strapped down though. plan is to cut the bed, and install battery under the bed.

this bitch was seized in there, due to years of... galvanic corrosion I think?

last one at the store, lucky me :)

ya go to the store for one thing, you leave with more things, you know how it is95464129_10158815886743755_5011879513311

-the filters are for my vacuum, I wanted a hepa filter so my vacuum wouldn't be spittin fine dust particles out its back side,
bought 2 so I could figure out which one I wanted, returned the other.
- the orange colored wire wheels are nylon, and are supposed to last '10x longer than steel'. just wanted to try them. they don't do well on rust :/ maybe

better on paint?
- the brushes are to better apply the rust remover. I didn't think a (gloved) hand was the best method.

also bought this at lowes that day:
bought the middle can by accident! I coulda sworn I had picked up the wd-40 silicone spray.
the chain/cable lubricant is for the 70s Schwinn bike I bought at an estate sale last year and just started using.

it has always been a fear of mine that someone would steal my original plates, and ive always wanted to install a lock on them
this lock, of course, was bought at an estate sale.

insert "guy shrugging his shoulders" emoji
sure, someone could just cut the lock, but I think it at least stops a less determined passer by. 

newest, biggest current problem:
can you see it? the sheet metal anchoring the hood hinges have come up off the metal. 
turns out, the 2 fasteners connected the hood to this area had seized in place (would not rotate freely) thus torqueing the whole

gah dang thing. ill have to pay better attention to lubricating them next time? the driver side fastener is still stuck! even after multiple
applications of penetrant, as well as taps from mallet/punch. heat treatment will be next. 

as for how im going to fix it? well, I figured I would just remove the fender and get under there, drill some holes and temporarily
install nuts/bolts. after removing fender, turns out I don't have access to that area. I miiiight temporarily rivet it?
I also have a cheap 140v welder, might be time to learn how to use it :/


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I normally wouldn't take a photo of these show (paper) towels, but they've been sold out due to people freaking out and overbuying
paper products. this wd-40 is similar to evaporust. the muriatic acid is for rust removal.. although I haven't and still might not use it.
after a video I watched last night, I need to go invest in phosphoric acid, instead.

wish I had a before photo of the fasteners (this is after usingthe wd40 rust remover soak
whats nice is the wd40 doesn't leave them all black like evaporust does

from what ive read, evaporust, and the wd40 soak both use phosphoric acid, which is why I should just buy that instead.

the wd40 soak is now black. no protein but maybe iron.

I don't know the purpose of this photo, looks cool though.
kinda dig the fenderless, fatty tire look. very early ford hot rod-like.

that's it for now, I suppose. I slowly work on it daily. mainly focusing on the rust removal.

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