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slow gas tank leak at

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howdy, boys.

im currently derusting my tank. after much reading and consideration, i went the oxalic acid route.

the tank is currently filled with water/oxalic acid solutiion, and is laying on it's side with the filler hole facing skyward.

all vent hoses and such are capped with vacuum plugs. ive reinstalled the 'tank level indicator' and thats where the

leak is.


this is with o-ring installed.


now i understand that this problem will be MOSTLY self corrected once the tank is installed since the leak point will be facing skyward.

but im curious how much leaking will occur once the gas is sloshing around in there. not overly worried, just slightly.

im just curious if any of you have run upon this problem? thanks.


specificially, this is the tank for a 73 (L16) 620.

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Should not be leaking at all. Remove and clean the O ring thoroughly and the mating surfaces and try again. I find the O ring can become flattened. If this may be the case get on from the dealer. Has to be gas resistant.

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as dumb as this is going to sound, ive thought of that, and im going to do it, just havent done it yet.

becauuuuuse doing so currently would cause solution to spill. but will definitely do it once im done treating the tank.

it seems so stupid (now that im writing about it) to ask for opinions when i havent even tried to do what i already know what to do :)

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