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1970 time capsule and Happy 4th and fibreglass day.

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Hi a cust brought me a car that sat for 15 yrs for service and make run,really untouched 1970 red 4dr,has speedo with odometer was that 1970 or option ,nice starter project with rust only a little f.fenders and small rear fender ,I know should of gone to 510 section but a nice find for my friend,I am at my shop doing fibreglass work on a laser sailboat on my holiday, I guess my partners will show up when fully functional anyway -Happy 4th of July and fumes ! That is my 6 month old dog Z.100_2137.jpg100_2118.jpg100_2116.jpg100_2120.jpg100_2135.jpg100_2130.jpg100_2136.jpg

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I have only had lift 1 1/2 years maybe and want to put a carport roof over it ,Also cities outlawed out side lifts but I don't open my gates for them.When it rains I cover controll box , I also have not pulled 220volts to my lower yard so I plug it in with a heavy 220 cord also , I scored another Mac lift when I did a metal cleanup and salvage on a yard in OC it is sitting here not used with Mb parts , The 56 I got for a complete paint job about 3 yrs ago ,it is a real vintage race car -Has muncie m21 (had 327 I am selling with rod knock)now 350 built.olds posi rear with ladder bars like 4 ft long ,full gauges SW.Also ran two fuel pumps when had a big block I hate rear fenderscut out like a gasser I may weld back in . I will post a pic on Edelbrock carb says WEBER on side , kind of funny for old Datsun guy.Sorry for door pic just jumped in.100_2100.jpg100_1898.jpg100_2108.jpghttp://i1183.photobucket.com/albums

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Wholly shit! I did not know they had an option for the back to open that way! I bet there is hardly any of the usual rust down the back. Too cool.



My wagon has the optional rear seat (9 passenger) and the standard tailgate/window opening.

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Only in the bottom of tire well and edge of opening of hatch 4" maybe a crack at seam ,I bought one floor pan for both front floors maybe 8x8" patches on one side and less on other ,In other cars I will post up my 59 project Chevy I just stole motor from for 56 later today maybe ,I feel these are keepers !

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