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datsun 1982 N10 pulsar transmission ?

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Would anyone have a complete N10 auto transmission to fit a 1982 model N10, in good useable condition ?

my kids saved up their pocket money and bought what they were told was a good lil car, but unfortunately after a cpl of weeks even a auto trannie mechanic can't restore this one. :(

the rest of it is pretty good for its age and i really don't want to have to convert it to manual.

surely someone out there has a transmission laying in their shed somewhere,

anywhere Australia wide is no problem, i don't mind paying decent money and frieght.


even if you know somebody who might know somebody ...

i'm running out of leads .

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thanks for the lead,

i'm usually into 4wd datto's myself, mainly mq patrols etc, but my 13 and 15 yr olds wanted a paddock basher to bomb around in and got offered this pretty original classic, too good to do that with and they were proud as punch of their acheivement, shame the previous owner couldn't have been a bit more honest with em about the condition of it but thems the breaks.

thank you.

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You could also try posting in the "Datsun Parts Wanted" section rather than the "Datsuns For Sale" section. Might get more exposure there. Maybe a mod will see it and move the post. Honestly, the N10 (known as the 310 in the states) isn't too common anymore. This may be a tough thing to find. Good luck!

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