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new car

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My z will be semi done by September. it will be at the greenwood car show in Seattle.

haha my build will ppick up in a few weeks. start my job at anthonys woodfire in 2 weeks


What's holding you up?

Do you have your DL?

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i have driven thing atleast 200 miles already. i have to replace the hood though. it rusted through on the latch


Oh you may know how the car handles and all...

But think of what you would do with your parents not being there...

I've had close calls, thankfully not with my Datto... As you can see, I don't make wise choices sometimes lol.

I'm not saying you will... but a teen driving like an idiot goes hand in hand with theie testosterone.. :lol:

What i'm saying is you're bound to do some stupid shit..

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