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Quick Question (New Driver/Datsun owner)

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Hello everyone, quick question:


Being a new driver and Datsun owner, i have a question about shifting.

I have a 1977 Datsun KingCab Deluxe which doesnt have a Tach.

I feel like im shifting okay but what speeds do you shift at? or is it all by sound?


Thanks for your time.

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Just get used to shifting where the next gear can easily carry on from the last. If climbing a hill, raise the shift point or hold at a steady speed in the lower gear and shift only when the next can handle it. Very quickly you'll know when you are going too slow to shift up.

From a performance standpoint, you'll notice that the motor begins pulling harder and harder but this soon drops off and the motor revs and revs but isn't really sinking you back in the seat. By experimenting, you may see that a shift into the next gear will pull harder than staying in the lower gear and obviously you should shift at or near this point. You can do this by noting what works at what MPH on the speedo. A tachometer is better for knowing exactly how high you are actually revving the motor.

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