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Carb Question


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I searched both Ratsun Search and Google and couldnt find the info that I was looking for, so here goes...


Ive got a '71 510, L16, 4spd, all around stock. The carb is honestly a pain in my butt so Ive been doing research on a Weber upgrade. Ive found the two below (links below) and am curious as to which is prefered and why. Ice seen idle cut mentioned along with auto choke, and I live in Maine and will be driving this car through the winter (which is most likely going to suck), so any info/opinions would be awesome.


1) http://www.webercarbsdirect.com/product_p/wk663.htm


2) http://www.webercarbsdirect.com/product_p/wk657.htm

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I guess the DGEV with the electric choke would be good. If your 510 has a manual choke you could get one without and connect yours to it. The idle cut solenoid prevents 'run on' or dieseling when the ignition is shut off... a problem with the L20B motor but not with the L16. You could leave this off but won't hurt to have it.


The 32/36 is used on all kinds of motors from 1.4 to 2.6 liter motors so try to get a 'direct replacement' carb that will have the proper size jets in it for your motor size.

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Yes, definitely get the DGEV (E for electric choke). It only take 1 wire to hook up the choke, they are very reliable and easy to adjust. It's less expensive too. IC is a good thing. It is also 1 wire to the same feed (connect to your coil resistor).

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Okay. I did put in the vehicle and engine specs on the website so I must have copied the wrong links as far as the carbs go. I was more curious as to the difference between the DGEV and DGV specs, because they are both 32/36's.


Dont know if this is the right place to ask but who runs their car in the winter/snow? I picked it up for what I consider a good price, and if I sell my other car I can take out less in school loans this coming semester. I graduate next near so then I will hopefully be buying a truck to DD year round more so than the rust prone 510.

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Those are the correct links. The difference is E is for electric choke.


All the stock L-series engines can be jetted the same and it will run fine. Not optimum for power or economy, but run good nonetheless. The stock carbs are fine-tuned for each engine.


Ask your winter question in a new topic.

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