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3rd Annual "Dragging the Gut" in McMinnville, OR

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It's gettin' nice out and all the cool car stuff is happenin'. The past 2 years have been pretty awesome, as there's been a good Ratsun turn-out representing. Let's do it right again this year! This year they've extended the festivities 2 days, but the main cruise is on Saturday, August 25th @ 5pm. In the years past, it's gone until 10, but it looks like they've extended it to Midnight this year, so we get a couple more hours of dinosaur burnin' action!


More info here: http://draggingthegu...l.blogspot.com/


Pics, etc.. from past 2 years:

2010- http://community.ratsun.net/topic/24757-dragging-the-gut/page__st__20

2011- http://community.ratsun.net/topic/31825-dragging-the-gut-2011/page__hl__%22dragging+the+gut%22


Hope to see you guys there!

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micro, they are on non conflicting dates. cruise the gut was over a month ago, its a reliving of something vancouver outlawed in the 80's. used to be that ater football game days all the high schoolers would come out to the DQ on main street and cruise down main with different shops being the hang out spots for certain high schools. apparantly the city of vancouver decided this was somehow dangerous, and outlawed the cruise. i think it was 4 years ago they started doing it again, but set it up on a specific day instead of days all over the place and made it so everyone/anyone can do it. only saw 3 dattos there this year, 2 240z's and a b210. gottamake sure at least one of my z's goes down it next year :).

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went to the z car show and tuned up the z. shoulda tuned up the z then gone to mac, z car show was kinda crappy...tho the i woulda had to find somewhere to fit the kid. fiance fits in the passenger seat, no backseat kinda kills family cruisin in it.

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