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F-10, Fugly & no love till now......

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I got this the other day from a guy who couldn't take it with him when they moved so the price was right. Anyone have any parts for these things, pretty hard to come by & was anything interchangable from other same era models?






its in remarkably decent condition for being left outside, very little rust, none thru that I can see & only about 2 dents minus the munched bumper - anybody got a bumper? Missing one hub cap too. When I got it the ignitioin was dismanteled & had too long a key jemed into it, stuck the key in a vice & pulled hard, put it back in the column with the cover & the circuits worked. THen tackled the spark problem, the guy said he had power to the coil but none out so I popped the cap & cranked it over & watched - points didn't open enough & were almost welded together. Dug through my A series stash of parts & came up with a NOS set of points, threw them in, set the gap & wah-la, she ran!


It also has factory AC, probably works but the clutch makes noise, might have to fix that. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it but it was too cool & fugly to let go to the crushers. Seriously, whens the last time you saw a 2 door wagon rolling around, might have to paint it & give it to my daughter, she thought it'd look cool in blue.


If anyone has any parts lets me know please, I also have a bunch of 210 & 1200 parts I'd perhaps trade for some of the ones I need.



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I thought so, it still needs a lot of love but it's really not too bad. I also owned one in the 80's, the hatchback, 5 spd. w/AC it was kind of a cool car. It was definately unique, the quick change clutch is pretty easy to do & the FWD worked well.

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Luv to see another F10 saved! Here is another F10 thread if you haven't seen it, with pics of mine in there somewhere:




As far as parts interchange, it is worth searching eBay Motors for F10 parts. Sellers sometimes list a part as fitting several models Datsuns including F10. The thermostat switches in the radiator hose for the electric fans is one thing I got at P&S from a (I think) 310. The throttle cable I got from a newer FWD Datsun (maybe 310) won't interchange onto my F10, not without a bunch of mods. In the thread above, I mentioned dead F10s at Thornton WA. I finally got down there a couple of weeks ago, and the cars were all gone. What I don't know is if they were crushed, or hauled to a different location. If I get back there when I have more time, I'll knock on doors and see if the neighbors know what happened to the cars. Sooner or later another F10 will probably turn up at one of the Spokane P&Ss.



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you know i remember that ad on CL a long time ago about the F10's I thought there were 4 at the time but were in Idaho. I've seen your post for your wagon, you have an extra hub cap you want to part with?


I'm not sure what I'll do with it but it'll turn into something useful....maybe winter snow car! Couldn't pass this thing up, hated to see it go to the scrap yard, especially when it only took a set of points to get it going B)

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so this is after a quicky scrub with dawn & then I popped the vents & hood emblem & buffed out the hood....


scrub off.... already looks better but paint is really oxidized & faded



after doing the main part of the hood, skipped the edges, too east too burn thru - I'll do those with a mini hand held air buffer....




heres one showing the fender w/oxidized paint next to buffed...




its pretty amazing how much you can bring back when done correctly.

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a couple of years ago I bought a Makita buffer, its a pro detailing tool that I used on the 1200 after color sanding.




Its done with graduated compounds & different pads. I started with a wool pad with the Meg's 105 compound - these are all diminishing compounds so they kind of go away as you work them - then I went to a white foam pad with the Meg's 205 & thats as far as I went. I have 3M Ultrafina finishing compound but haven't used that yet. I may just do some spot body work on the fender, hatch cover & cowl then spray those out with new color & just buff out the rest of the car. Definitely removing those awful stickers, were there really enough stupid americans with no taste that the Japanese had to put them on the cars.............they're freakin hideous!!!

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you know i remember that ad on CL a long time ago about the F10's I thought there were 4 at the time but were in Idaho. I've seen your post for your wagon, you have an extra hub cap you want to part with?


I'm not sure what I'll do with it but it'll turn into something useful....maybe winter snow car! Couldn't pass this thing up, hated to see it go to the scrap yard, especially when it only took a set of points to get it going B)


I didn't get any hubcaps with my car. I have noticed the wheels on it are a little different from other Datsun steelies. For one thing, they have a little black bump (plastic?) sticking out the side between a couple of the lug holes. I've always wondered if it was something to hold the hubcap. If you take any of your caps off, see if you can figure it out. One of life's mysteries I'd love to see solved.


Thinking back to the multi-F10 ad on Spokane CL a couple of years ago, it is very possible that wasn't for the cars at Thornton WA. If the ad gave a location, I missed it, but I think I just assumed it must be the bunch o' dead ones I'd seen. I do remember the ad saying four F10s, and I know there were more than than at Thorton, which puzzled me. The main thing I was concerned about was NOT answering the ad. The City here, and the wife were both kinda on me about the cars I already have. Dragging home dead F10s just didn't seem like a good idea at all, even free ones. But I sure hated to think of all those parts likely going for scrap.

I've already saved one F10 from the crusher. I don't think I have the time and energy to save them all.


Any plans to take your wagon to Canby next year? I don't know if anyone has ever brought an F10 there. Or no one took pics of it if there was one.



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Personally, I think it'd be a crime to remove the woodgrain. Sure, it's not fashionable today but it just seems so right on that car. I'm shocked at how bright the paint came out. I know this isn't a poll but my vote is leave the car as-is and just shine it up.

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you know i understand the point of leaving it original but they also made f10 wagons in solid colors (which really looked better) & the decals have faded badly on the hatch & are also damaged on right ft fender so they'll like go away. That way I can buff it out evenly & maybe make the car look uniform in color.


And if anyone has a hubcap that'd be great as well as keep it original B)

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Years ago I helped a friend with a Ford wagon remove his decals and you could always tell something had been there.

Paint 25 or 30 years under cover will be hard to match with paint that has been out in the elements all that time.

He ended up buying wood grain vinyl and putting it back.

It's yours do as you wish, however if you want to be a little different how many wagons do you see rolling around with wood grain sides these day's?

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I wonder what the ratio of woodgrain to solid color F10s was in the total production run? I doubt it could be considered a rare option but, personally, I think the contrast makes it a bit less awkward. Normally F10s appear kind of high-waisted to me. Having the woodgrain or even 2-tone paint seems to balance them out somehow. Just my unsolicited opinion.

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hey all opinions are cool, doesn't matter to me. I just need to figure out what to do with it overall. The L front fender corner is crunched so it should be repaired & if I did that the decals would go away because I wont have any way of replacing them unless I wanted to make new ones. 2 tone paint would be cool but if I go to that much work then I'd really have to think about it as an overall paint job is a lot of work.


I'm betting if I remove the decals I can lightly color sand the transition between the exposed & covered paints to blend them fairly well, dont know yet.

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